Legal Notice
1. The H2GREEM website

The H2GREEM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, S.L. website -accessible via the URL, offers visitors and users access to a wide range of contents and services (especificar cuáles).

Identifying data of the owner of the website are shown below: H2GREEM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, S.L. (hereinafter H2GREEM), with TIN B-01646652, registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, volume 40822, page 56, entry 1, page M-724198 and registered office at Calle Titán, 8, 28045 Madrid.

2. Conditions of Access to and Use of the website

Access to the Website requires the prior reading and acceptance by Users of these conditions for access and use (hereinafter the "Conditions").

By accessing and using the Website, it is understood that Users confirm, fully, expressly and without reservations, their agreement with the content of every one of these Conditions in their version published on the Website at the time of access. Users who are not in agreement with the content of these Conditions must refrain from accessing and using the Website. The Website reserves the right to change these Conditions and shall advise Users by means of corresponding notifications on the Website, in order to make Users aware of any changes from the outset.

Access to the Website via the URL as shown in Section 1.1, is free of charge to Users, and access does not require any prior subscription or registration. Exception is made for any services and access that expressly appear as "reserved", or services and access for which a restriction is indicated, or a charge is advised prior to viewing.

As a User, you declare yourself to be of legal age and/or have the legal capacity and competence to become governed by these conditions. Users accept, fully, expressly and without reservations or exceptions, that they access and use the Website and its contents and Services under their sole and exclusive responsibility.

3. Website contents

Users of the Website assume, know and accept, by the very fact of their visit, that the data and information provided on any Services and any other data and information contained on the Website appear for information purposes only, as preliminary information made available to Users, and that at any given time this information may contain errors and inaccuracies, or be outdated.

H2GREEM reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and at its discretion, at any time and without prior notification, the configuration of the Website, as well as the Services offered through the Website and the access conditions. Likewise, H2GREEM reserves the right to incorporate new Services into the Website, and the right to deny, limit, suspend or block access to the Services offered through the Website, either temporarily or definitively, for any of the reasons stated in these Conditions.

Exception is made to the indications in the above two paragraphs for any data or information which H2GREEM is legally obliged to publish or reveal, and when it has chosen the Website as the media in which to publish such information. Any specific content on this Website that exceeds its informative role will be expressly indicated, and H2GREEM shall assume responsibility for the truthfulness and correctness of the information contained in such cases.

Through this Website, H2GREEM offers Users the following Services:

News - Site map - Contact us - Employee mailbox - Free content and services.

Services are offered to Users free of charge.

4. Representations and warranties

H2GREEM guarantees that the Website has the necessary technology (software and hardware), currently, to permit access and use. Nevertheless, H2GREEM accepts no liability for the existence of any virus or other harmful elements, introduced by any method or any third party, that could cause alterations to Users' computer systems, or for any adverse consequences that they may cause to Users' computer systems.

Users fully accept the foregoing and undertake to observe the maximum diligence and care when accessing and using the Services offered through the Website. In particular, but not exclusively, Users should follow the security recommendations displayed on the Website.

Users accept that the Website has been created and developed in good faith by H2GREEM with information from internal and external sources and offers it as-is to Users, but that it could, however, contain false statements, inaccuracies, pertinent omissions, and errors.

Consequently, H2GREEM can on no account guarantee the truth, precision or current relevance, or the completeness of the contents of the Website. Therefore, Users shall hold H2GREEM harmless from any liability or responsibility for its reliability or usefulness, or any false expectations that could be produced or generated during navigation of the Website.

Users guarantee that any activities they conduct using the Website will be legal and moral, and adhere to generally accepted social norms and public order, and that in no case may they offend the good name and commercial image of H2GREEM, of other Users of the Website, or of third party service providers.

In particular, Users undertake to use the Services in a correct and diligent way, and to abstain from using them for illegal ends or effects, or for purposes prohibited by these Conditions, in any way that violates the rights and interests of third parties, or that can damage, disable, overload or deteriorate those Services, the computer equipment of third parties and any documents, files, and all types of content that may be stored in their computers, or that hinders the normal use or enjoyment of the Services by third parties.

Users undertake not to use the Services for the activities included in but not limited to the following list:

I. To assume the identity of a third party.

II. To violate the basic rights and public freedoms recognized in national legislation and in international treaties or conventions and to attack the honor, privacy, image, or ownership of goods and rights of third parties.

III. To incite or promote criminal, insulting, defamatory or offensive actions, or actions that are, in general, contrary to the law, morality, generally accepted social norms and public order.

IV. To induce or promote discriminatory actions or ideas based on race, gender, ideology, religion or beliefs.

V. To incorporate, make available, or allow access to products, elements, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, pornographic, offensive or, in general, contrary to the law, morality and public order.

VI. To violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties.

VII. To violate legislation on privacy of communications, regulations on publicity and/or regulations on unfair competition.

VIII. Willfully and maliciously to transmit, through the Website, e-mails, software or data (including viruses or malware) that cause or can cause loss or damage in any degree to the computer systems of H2GREEM or of other Users or of third parties, or to falsify the origin of e-mail or other material contained in files transmitted via the Website.

5. General disclaimer

H2GREEM makes no representations nor does it offer warranties of any kind, either explicit or implicit, on the workings of the Website or the information, content, software, materials or products included on the Website, to the degree allowed by the applicable legislation. Likewise, H2GREEM is exempted from the obligation to provide warranties, either explicit or implicit, including, among others, the implicit warranties of suitability for a particular purpose.

H2GREEM cannot be held liable for losses or damages of any kind that may be derived from the use of this Website, including, among others, direct and indirect damages.

H2GREEM accepts no liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may be derived from interruptions in Website service or by its continuity. Likewise, H2GREEM accepts no liability for possible errors or deficiencies in security that may arise from the use by Users of out-of-date or insecure versions of a web browser, or from the activation of devices for saving user passwords or identification codes that are recorded on the browser, or from damage, errors or inaccuracies that may result from malfunction thereof.

H2GREEM does not provide warranties of any kind, either expressly or implicitly, with respect to the information transmitted, distributed, published or stored on the Website, nor with respect to the way the Users and their employees, or third parties make use thereof.

In all cases of responsibility attributable to H2GREEM, it shall be liable only for the actual direct losses and damages caused, without including in any case compensation for lost profits.

Users shall be liable for losses and damages of any type that H2GREEM may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of their non-compliance with the Conditions.

6. Links from or to the Website

Users or the owners of other websites that seek to create a hypertext link (hereinafter, "link") to the Website should ensure and commit to adherence to H2GREEM' rules regarding Internet links. These rules are:

I. No links to locations or sub-locations on the Website other than the home page of the Website.

II. No links that enable whole or partial reproduction of the locations on the home page of the Website.

III. No false, imprecise or incorrect declarations shall be placed next to the link that can lead to error or confusion, or, in general, that are counter to the law, morality or accepted social norms.

IV. No brand name or protected logo shall be included other than that of the URL of the Website.

V. No links shall be created to websites containing content, statements or advertising that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, or which advocates terrorism or attacks on human rights, and which, in general, may damage in any way the good commercial name or image of H2GREEM or of its customers. In no case shall the inclusion by other websites of links to the Website imply that H2GREEM maintains any ties or associations of any type with the owner of the website establishing the link or, even less so, that H2GREEM promotes, approves, guarantees, or recommends the content of those web pages or websites.

The Website may contain links to other websites not managed by H2GREEM. H2GREEM accepts no responsibility for the information contained on those websites that may be accessed by links on H2GREEM' Website or webpages or their search engines. The presence of links on the H2GREEM' Website is merely for the purpose of providing information.

H2GREEM therefore accepts no responsibility nor does it offer guarantees in any way, either expressly or implicitly, with respect to:

I. The marketability, appropriateness, quality, quantity, characteristics, source or origin, marketing or any other aspect of the products or services offered and marketed on the Website.

II. Losses and damages, either direct, indirect, or of any other type that may be caused by the products or services offered, marketed, acquired, sold, or rendered through the Website.

III. Prices offered or agreed to by the Users with the offering entities.

IV. Transactions or operations carried out between them.

V. The successful conclusion of such transactions or operations.

VI. The terms and conditions agreed to by them for their business deals and conditions of use, or modifications, compliance and execution, billing, and methods and means of payment and settlement.

VII. Ensuring the delivery of the products or the provision of the services.

VIII. The information exchanged between them.

IX. The content and use or non-use of personal information that such entities require from Users in order to acquire business and carry out the operations.

X. The content and use of the personal information that H2GREEM transmits to those entities with the sole and exclusive purpose of following through on the business relationship initiated or created, in accordance with the indications given in the Notification at the bottom of the User registration form.

XI. The use by Users of advertising, or of the distinguishing signs and symbols of a third party or of their own.

7. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All the content of the Website (including, but not limited to, databases, images and photographs, patents, utility models, industrial designs, drawings, graphs, and text, audio, video, and software files) is the property of H2GREEM, or of its content providers. In the latter case, these are subject to their licenses or transfers made by them and are protected by national or international intellectual and industrial property laws. The compilation (understood to be the gathering, design, layout and set-up) of the entire contents of the Website is the exclusive property of H2GREEM and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws.

All the software used to design the displays, navigation, use and development of the Website is the property of H2GREEM or its software providers, and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws.

Brands, labels, distinguishing signs and symbols and logos of H2GREEM that appear on the Website are property of H2GREEM and are duly registered or in the process of registration. The names of other products, services and companies that appear in this document or on the Website may be the brands and other distinguishing signs and symbols registered by their respective and legitimate owners.

All the texts, graphics, videos and audio files are the property of H2GREEM or of its content providers, and may not be modified, copied, altered, transformed, reproduced, adapted or translated by Users or by third parties without the express authorization of the content owners.

In no case does making available to Users the databases, drawings, graphs, images and photographs, and text, audio and video files and software owned by H2GREEM or by its providers appearing on the Website imply a transfer of their ownership or the granting to Users of a usage right other than the usage right implied by the legitimate use that is in accordance with the nature of the Website.

Any use of the contents of the Website, of its Services and, in general, of all the rights mentioned in the above paragraphs without authorization from H2GREEM is completely prohibited. This prohibition includes its use, reproduction, dissemination, transformation, distribution, transmission by any medium, subsequent publication, exhibition, public communication and total or partial representation. Such use shall constitute an infringement of H2GREEM' intellectual property rights and shall be punishable under the laws in force.

8. Force majeure

For the purposes of these Conditions force majeure is understood to include, although it is not limited to:

I. All non-malicious events that are impossible to foresee, or even if foreseen or foreseeable, inevitable.

II. Failures in access to the Website.

III. Electricity transmission or telephone network failure.

IV. Damages caused by third parties or attacks on the Website server (viruses) that affect the quality of the Services and cannot be attributed either to H2GREEM or to Users.

V. Failures in the transmission, dissemination, storage, or making available to third parties of the databases and other content of the Website.

VI. Problems and errors in receiving, obtaining or accessing the Website or the Services by third parties.

9. Suspension of Access to the Website and to the Services

H2GREEM shall make every effort to enable the continuous availability of the Website. Nevertheless, H2GREEM shall be free to determine the mode of operation of tests, controls and maintenance operations, and to perform them at any time, regardless of the procedures and methods used for this purpose. H2GREEM shall endeavor, whenever reasonably possible, to notify Users by means of an announcement on the Website that a maintenance operation or other activity is being performed that may affect the Website.

H2GREEM reserves the right to freely modify its capacity for transmission and monitoring, and other technical methods or services used for access to or use of the Website.

H2GREEM may temporarily or definitively suspend the Services, without this giving rise to any type of compensation for Users, under any of the following circumstances:

I. When necessary for maintenance work.

II. When necessary to preserve the integrity or security of the Services provided, of the equipment, system and networks of H2GREEM or of third parties, whenever they affect or might affect H2GREEM' services.

III. When justified by H2GREEM or a third party's operational reasons in situations that could affect the provision of the Services by H2GREEM.

IV. When there is a force majeure event, H2GREEM shall endeavor to keep Users informed regarding any suspension and its causes, whenever possible.

10. Termination

Either party may consider their obligations under these Conditions to be terminated in the following cases:

I. Failure to comply with any of the obligations established in these Conditions, if not remedied within thirty (30) days of the date of written notification, except if it cannot be resolved owing to its significance.

II. The other party is insolvent or is subject to voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceedings or suspension of payments, or if said party has been assigned an administrator, custodian or other similar figure, if it transfers its rights to its creditors, or if it takes any decision leading to its dissolution or liquidation.

The Website Conditions may also be terminated, without prior notification given to Users, when:

I. There is knowledge that Users are engaged in any illegal activity by means of the Services.

II. Users have failed in any of their essential obligations under these Conditions and, more particularly, in the event of improper use of the access code, or in case of violation of or challenge to the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website, all without prejudice to any corresponding legal actions taken in defense of their interests.

11. Partial nullity

If any clause of these Conditions is declared totally or partially null or no longer in effect, that nullity shall affect only those provisions or parts of provisions that are null or no longer in effect. The remainder of the Conditions shall continue in full force and effect, unless the nullity affects a part that is essential to the Conditions, and therefore affects them in an integral way.

12. Applicable laws and jurisdiction

These Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with and shall be governed by the laws of Spain.

The courts of Madrid shall have jurisdiction over any litigation derived from the existence of, access to, use or contents of these Conditions.
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