Our Solutions
We enable hydrogen production through development and promotion
of both centralized and distributed hydrogen production facilities

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H2Greem solutions
In accordance with the hydrogen demands, at H2Greem we develop turnkey solutions based on hydrogen production plants
with integrated compression and hydrogen storage capabilities.

There are several main benefits
in accordance with each of its uses.
❍ Reduces pollution impact due to zero emissions fuel in all means of transport.

❍ Comparable range and refueling time as in any other conventional vehicle.

❍ As a renewable fuel, the final product is only water vapor.
❍ On-site production enhances readiness and is a cost-effective solution.

❍ "Green hydrogen" provide extreme purity for all types of applications.

❍ Provides a solution for the evermore severe environmental regulations.
Power to X
Energy security is guaranteed, especially in gas-dependent economies.

❍ Deliver perfect solution to excess in renewable energy.

❍ Allow grid balancing as well as seasonal mitigation due in large storage capacities.

Meets grid discharge time, response time and network auxiliary services.

❍ No exposure to natural gas price

Transmission System Operator (TSO) develops projects using this technology.
Integrated product
H2Greem delivers sustainable solutions for high demand markets, including energy storage, transportation fuel and industrial applications
H2Greem covers project value chain:
Project development
Front-end engineering, site selection and legal framework and safety standards.
Civil, electrical, process control and instrumentation engineering.
Product integration
Full BOP assembly and integration in cabinets and containers, and quality assured by FAT standards.
Onsite installation
Execution and supervision of onsite assembly and commissioning.
Operation and Maintanance
Assistance in operation and maintenance programs.
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