The Company
A well-experienced highly-skilled technology company, developing hydrogen production systems based on PEM water electrolysis
About us
Strong engineering and project financing backgrounds.

H2Greem is a company dedicated to develop and manufacture hydrogen generators based in PEM technology. PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) offers the greatest potential for development against other traditional technologies of electrolysis, specially the alkaline.

To create this technology, H2Greem has completely developed, tested and evolved their systems:
Creation of an extremely simplified electrolyzer controlled by an unique electronic control.
Manufacturing in-house proprietary catalysts (Platinum and Iridium based) and advanced Nafion© based membranes.
Assembling and controlling key performance components and parameters to assure maximum life span and efficiency.
Developing software that intelligently adjust itself to certain demand patterns and communicates locally (PC, IOS, Android,..) and to remote centers, providing the operators with the necessary information to optimally run the generators.
Monitor the status of the generator for preventive maintenance.
Easy repairing and maintenance operations.
Using a cost efficient sensoring architecture that controls and optimizes electrical consumption, purified water consumption and Hydrogen production.
H2Greem owns the technology to develops PEM electrolyzrs able to deploy MW stacks for utility applications. Our products provide assurance to our clients by delivering quality and value-for-money solutions.
Engineering capability for renewable source integration, compression and storage optamizations, including methanization.
We will source tailormade solutions, as an electrolyzer manufacturer, as well as assisting and assessing in legal and financial requirements to complete your project, even on a large scale basis.
Technical assistance and support for plant operation and maintenance, with production commitment in both quality and quantity.
Business development
❍ Extensive business development experience, with over 15 years in both local and international markets.

❍ Highly competitive team with sector expertise.

❍ Presence and involvement in international associations and platforms.
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