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.AT H2GREEM WE AREKey to the Energy Transition.

Hydrogen is part of the answer to a successful energy transition. It promotes radical change that will have a positive impact on the world around us, by providing a solution to our energy, environmental, social and economic challenges.

We are a pioneer model

H2Greem offers equipment for various applications as raw material in industries or as an energy source for means of transportation and generation plants, thus facilitating the integration of renewable energies and a new energy model and decarbonization of society.




H2 Solutions

PIONEERS IN SPAINThe advantages of our company

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe 

It is a renewable, efficient and clean energy source. It is estimated that hydrogen makes up 90% of the visible universe, it is the raw fuel that most stars “burn” to produce energy. The Sun’s hydrogen supply is expected to last another 5 billion years.

Zero emissions
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Grid integration
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Value creation

PIONEERS IN SPAINTechnological company and manufacturer of PEM electrolyzers

We are a technology company and manufacturer of PEM electrolyzers with our own technology, consolidating ourselves as a pioneer company in hydrogen technologies at the service of the energy transition together with its clients and partners.

We offer small and medium-scale equipment, developing comprehensive solutions with our own technology that adapt to all types of client and project needs, following international standards and regulations.

To achieve this degree of technological development, we have completely developed, tested and evolved our systems, with a strong commitment to the research and development of technological improvements.


The key element for the decarbonization of the economy.